Will retrofitting electrify used cars?

Car retrofitting is very popular in Germany and is still in its infancy in France, but transforming our old cars into 100% electric models is a promising way forward.

Authorized by decree in the Official Journal of April 3, the car retrofit is eligible for the conversion premium announced last week by Emmanuel Macron.what is it? Simply to convert a car with an internal combustion engine (gasoline or diesel) into a 100% electric vehicle, according to strict specifications.very popular in the United States and Germany, this technology is still unknown in France, despite a certain public interest.transform your old Clio, Peugeot 206 or why not the Beetle collection of Grandpa, for a few thousand euros, in a zero emission car … It must be recognized that the principle has what to seduce, especially if it is with the double blessing of Bercy and the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

French citizens who wish to do so will receive a 2,500 euro government bonus for converting their old car to electric power, a boost that can be doubled (5,000 euros) if their reference tax income is less than 18,000 euros. Company fleets are not forgotten, since the scheme provides for a bonus of 2,500 euros, or even 5,000 euros for a utility model.

“From now on, in France, all vehicles more than five years old (cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses and coaches) as well as two- and three-wheelers more than three years old may be converted to electricity.Retrofitting is finally officially recognized as a sustainable mobility solution and a job-creating activity in France, which is good ecological and economic news,” said Gérard Feldzer and Arnaud Pigounides, co-presidents of the AIRe association, which brings together the players in the electrical retrofitting industry, last month.

However, not a single model is expected to be registered this year, at least that’s the conviction of the entrepreneurs who have positioned themselves in this nascent market. Companies such as Carwatt, e-Roadster, IanMotion, Retrofuture or Transition One are still waiting for their conversion kit to be approved.

Ignition delay

According to Les Echos, the late publication of the decree and the effects of the coronavirus would have pushed back to the end of the year the slots for approval with Utac, the French agency responsible for approving vehicles, a delay all the more prejudicial as it would have chilled investors and prevented start-ups from completing their fundraising …

Without financial means, it is now difficult for them to demonstrate the relevance of this technology on a large scale, but the cost of such an operation is now all in the equation. Its price is currently estimated at 10,000 euros for a range of about 100 km.


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